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Guide To Become a Muslim

Declaration of Faith - Shahadah

Before getting ready to become a Muslim, pls. make sure you have stopped eating pork, ham or bacon (swine)-based food or being intoxicated via alcohol or drugs. When using toilet, start with seeking refuge of Allah (swt) from evils. Use a clean stone, paper or cloth alongwith water to cleanse your genitals with left hand. Make sure you are not eating, talking or facing Qiblah (the House of God in Mecca, Saudi Arabia) while urinating or passing stool. Next, perform ghusl (Islamic way to take shower) and ablution. The visual instructions are given online at;


While in the shower, shave pubic hair, trim moustache, cut nails armpits hair. Your clothes should be free from impurity such as urine, feces or dog saliva. Females need to have a dress and a headscarf that covers most of their body. Men should dress as nobly as possible, avoiding any kind of shorts. If females are menstruating, they should avoid going to the Mosque until they are clean. Unless, of course if female impurity is from a sickness or medical issue. There is no disease, situation or circumstances that can stop any human from becoming a Muslim.

Allah (swt) says in Quran (4:43); "O ye who believe! Approach not prayers with a mind befogged, until ye can understand all that ye say,- nor in a state of ceremonial impurity (Except when travelling on the road), until after washing your whole body. If ye are ill, or on a journey, or one of you cometh from offices of nature, or ye have been in contact with women, and ye find no water, then take for yourselves clean sand or earth, and rub therewith your faces and hands. For Allah doth blot out sins and forgive again and again."

Once you are cleansed as mentioned above, you can perform your conversion to Islam in a local Mosque with an Imam. You can do it privately too in your own space as no presence of Imam or witnesses is a requisite between you and Allah (swt). Here are the exact Arabic words (in Roman characters) you need to speak. Don't worry about the EXACT pronunciation if you are not familiar with the Arabic language;

Shahadah (Declaration of Faith)

"Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illaallaah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan-ar-rasool ullaah " (In Arabic)

"I bear witness that there is no God worthy to be worshiped but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah." (Translation IN English)

Allah (swt) said: O Prophet! When believing women come to thee to take the oath of fealty to thee, that they will not associate in worship any other thing whatever with Allah, that they will not steal, that they will not commit adultery (or fornication), that they will not kill their children, that they will not utter slander, intentionally forging falsehood, and that they will not disobey thee in any just matter,- then do thou receive their fealty, and pray to Allah for the forgiveness (of their sins): for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Quran 60:12)

Jarir bin Abdullah said : I gave the pledge of allegiance to Allah's Apostle for the following: 1. offer prayers perfectly. 2. pay the Zakat (obligatory charity). 3. and be sincere and true to every Muslim. (Bukhari Book Number: 2, Hadith Number: 54)

Muslims have a strong belief and faith in the following;

  1. Allah (God)

  2.  Angels

  3. His revealed scripture. The unaltered Holy Quran as revealed to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. The unchanged Christian and Jewish scripture.

  4. His messengers or Prophets including Mohammad, Jesus and Moses.

  5. The Final Day of Judgment

  6. Fate as ordained by God

Congratulations! You are a Muslim now, clean and clear from all sins just like a newly-born baby. Next, you should learn how to perform prayer 5 times a day, fast during the Islamic calendar month of Ramadan, pay Zakat (2.5% of your property/savings value) and perform Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). As a Muslim, your local Mosque is your second home from now on where not only do you pray alongwith other Muslim brothers and sisters five times a day, but you read and learn the Word of Allah (swt) i.e. Holy Quran with translation (if Arabic is not your mother tongue) and tafseer (explanation via Hadith).

Here are some of the Islamic principles to give you a head-start as being a Muslim;

  • Observe halal dietary practices i.e abstaining from pork, carrion, blood, and alcohol. Additionally, meat must be properly slaughtered by an authorized Muslim, Christian, or Jew.

  • Say "Bismillah" ("In the Name of God") before meals.

  • Eat and drink with your right hand.

  • Practice proper hygiene i.e. brushing your teeth and taking shower.

  • Refrain from non-essential interaction with the opposite gender.

  • Married women must abstain from sex during the menstrual cycle.

IMPORTANT: If as a female, you are married to a Non-Muslim, you should either invite your huband to become a Muslim or seek divorce as no Muslim woman is allowed to be married to a Non-Muslim. After becoming a Muslim, Males should contact a local medical facility which offers circumcision.


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