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Namaz Prayer in pictures

Prayer (Namaz or Salah) in Pictures

A Muslim is obligated to pray five times a day: once before sunrise, at noon, in the afternoon, after sunset, and once at night. During prayer a Muslim focuses and meditates on God by reciting the Qur'an and engaging in dhikr to reaffirm and strengthen the bond between Creator and creation, with the purpose of guiding the soul to truth. Such meditation is intended to help maintain a feeling of spiritual peace, in the face of whatever challenges work, social or family life may present.

The five daily acts of peaceful prayer are to serve as a template and inspiration for conduct during the rest of the day, transforming it, ideally, into one single and sustained meditation: even sleep is to be regarded as but another phase of that sustained meditation.[99]

Meditative quiescence is said to have a quality of healing, and—in contemporary terminology—enhancing creativity. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spent sustained periods in contemplation and meditation. It was during one such period that Muhammad began to receive the revelations of the Qur'an.

Tafakkur or tadabbur, literally means reflection upon the universe: this is considered to permit access to a form of cognitive and emotional development that can emanate only from the higher level, i.e. from God. The sensation of receiving divine inspiration awakens and liberates both heart and intellect, permitting such inner growth that the apparently mundane actually takes on the quality of the infinite. Muslim teachings embrace life as a test of one's submission to God.

IMPORTANT: People from different areas of world pray differently than the others. If you know any other way of praying (presented through pictures like below), Please share this with us so that we can present that too over here for others. Jazak Allah.



Taking Shower or Ghusl

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Here's a step by step guide to perform Ghusl or shower. For more detailed version, You can also download a PDF Book about it by clicking here;

Ablution or Wudu

Here's a step by step guide to perform Wudu or getting cleansed before every Salah (prayer);


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